When I See the Blood


Why is it that modern-day Christians have chosen to virtually ignore the message of the blood of Christ?

Why is it that this all-important theme is not being preached more, sung more, and taught more than these days?

Could it be that the enemy of our souls is trying to silence a message that is most important to the welfare of our souls and our continuing victory as Christians?

With convincing authority, Dr. Tim Bagwell, declares that the old-age message of the blood is still valid for our time and that many of the false doctrines that have invaded the church today have come about because we lack the revelation regarding the foundational truth.

Forward by Dr. Oral Roberts:

I am honored to write a personal word about my dear friend, Tim Bagwell, and his terrific new book, When I See the Blood. A thrill went through me as I realized anew by reading Tim's precious words that I am covered by the blood of my personal Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I thought to myself: Every believer needs this powerful reminder!

Knowing Tim Bagwell, his lovely wife, Gayla, and his sons, Adam and Aaron, and ministering in their church in Denver has made me realize that he is a great man with an anointed church. I love those dear saints. In so many ways they reflect Tim's anointed ministry, his scholarly insights into God's Word and his passionate love and vision. His people are presently at work building a new and larger sanctuary to accommodate there explosive growth. That's what happens when a man is on fire for God.

Tim's new book inspires me and I believe it will do the same for you.